The MoodstersJelly Jam Entertainment has partnered with Kids Preferred to launch The Moodsters, a new line of toys and books designed to teach kids the fundamentals of feelings.

The Moodsters consist of five lovable detectives—Coz, Lolly, Snorf, Razzy, and Quigly—who come to the rescue whenever their friends, Zach and Zoey, have a feelings emergency. The stories and toys teach simple strategies to build social and emotional intelligence skills in young children.

The initial launch will feature three SKUs, each accompanied by a 32-page storybook: The Moodster Meter, which is an electronic feelings thermometer with character voices that helps little ones learn a vocabulary for their feelings; the Feelings Flashlight, which is an electronic flashlight that features The Moodsters character images with voice affirmations and play activities so kids can explore their feelings, as well as process and understand their emotions; and the Moodster Mirror, an electronic mirror with character voices to help kids recognize their feelings and non-verbal cues.

The Moodsters will launch exclusively at Target stores nationwide in August. The months leading up to the launch will feature a range of multi-platform touch-points for preschoolers and their parents, including a website, apps, and more.