Jan Helson and Rachel Annette Helson launch their new children’s book, e-book, and book app, The Global Game Changers. The Global Game Changers are a team of fictional superheroes who are searching the world for real-life kids doing good things without expecting anything in return. Led by Global Girl and her sidekick, Little Big-Heart, The Global Game Changers recruit real-life kids Phoebe from California, Jaylen from Florida, and Hannah from Ohio.

Phoebe, Jaylen, and Hannah tell Little Big-Heart how they Ignite Good! by fighting hunger, bullying, and poverty. Along the way, the characters encounter and battle Krumi, who spreads a dark cloud of apathy. At the end of The Global Game Changers book, children are encouraged to join the Alliance by visiting The Global Game Changers interactive web community (www.theglobalgamechangers.com).

Developed by Mission Critical Studios, whose work includes the DrNanoX and Frantic Freddy game apps, the site is an interactive adventure through the book’s pages. Children can help Little Big-Heart fly, work with the real-life superheroes to Ignite Good!, and engage with the story to solidify the lessons of philanthropy.

The Global Game Changers was the collaboration of a mother and daughter team that hopes to grow a young generation of kids who embrace Ignite Good! and, as a result, grow up to be healthier, happier, more empowered, more productive, and more responsible individuals throughout their lives.

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