Funko KFC Pop PEZ

Following the successful run of Colonel Sanders Pop! Vinyl collectibles this summer, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Funko are teaming up again.

The purveyors of chicken featuring the famous blend of 11 herbs and spices and the Washington-based leaders in pop culture and lifestyle collectibles have added PEZ to their partnership this time around. The Colonel Sanders Pop! PEZ dispenser showcases Sanders with his iconic white hair and signature glasses. The Pop! PEZ is on sale now at Amazon and select retailers including Barnes & Noble and the official PEZ store.

“PEZ dispensers are as iconic as the Colonel and his signature white suit,” says Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. chief marketing officer. “Now, even the Colonel will be giving out candy this Halloween.”

Upon release this summer, Funko and KFC issued a limited edition variant of the Colonel Sanders Pop! Vinyl that sold out from the Funko Shop in just 11 minutes.

“It’s not a savory bucket of fried chicken, yet the new Colonel Sanders Pop! PEZ is a sweet addition to our line of ad icons, and we’re thrilled to have him join the Pop! PEZ family,” says Molly Hartney, Funko’s chief marketing officer.

For decades, Colonel Sanders memorabilia has been highly sought-after by collectors. In the early 1990s, a prototype for a Colonel Sanders PEZ dispenser was created for a potential promotion that never came to fruition. That version featured a red base, and only two examples are known to exist — one of which resides in the PEZ Visitor Center in Orange, Connecticut.