The Woogie 2

Griffin Technology has released the Woogie 2. The colorful plush toy securely houses a user’s iPhone or iPod touch with the product’s integrated Velcro-like pockets. The touchscreen protector allows kids to play a variety of games without making a mess. The Woogie 2 can be propped on its fuzzy legs or nestled comfortably in a child’s lap for viewing. Designed in the United States and built from non-toxic materials, the Woogie 2 is available in pink or blue for $19.99 online.

Big Grips Frame

KEM Ventures, Inc.’s Big Grips Frame is another secure case for kids, but for the iPad. Constructed of durable, lightweight foam, Big Grips Frame is a soft protective case for tablets that is easy to grab and comfortable to hold. Mounted, the Big Grips Frame fits snugly into the Big Grips Stand in portrait or landscape orientation, perfect for watching movies, working at a desk, or surfing on the couch. Big Grips Frame and Big Grips Stand, available in four colors, are sold separately for $34.95 and $24.95, or as a matching set for $49.95.


Joystick-It is an arcade-style joystick for an enhanced iPad gaming experience. Available at, Joystick-It is a real arcade joystick that can be added to an iPad. The product works with thousands of different games and will not harm the screen. Plus, Joystick-It is removable and repositionable. A single Joystick-It is available for $24.99, while a two-pack runs for $39.99.


The AppCrayon Stylus for Kids, by Dano Toys, is a kid-friendly complement to any mobile device or tablet with a touchscreen. The ergonomically shaped training grip helps kids hold the AppCrayon correctly. The product, available in five colors, can be used for writing, drawing, sketching, and tapping apps.

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