Kids II, Inc., an infant and toddler products company, has acquired two companies, Rhino Toys and Taggies, enhancing the Kids II collection of forward-thinking products, the company said. The acquisitions were announced at the company’s The Mother of Invention Showcase of New Innovations in New York City last week.

Rhino Toys products, including the flagship product O-Ball, are designed to provide innovative, tactile, and high-performance play. Kids II plans to strengthen, reinvent, and add designs to the collection.

Taggies, originally created as plush security blankets with satin ribbon loops, has transformed into a lifestyle brand, offering its signatures blankets in new designs, plush toys, apparel, and accessories. Kids II will maintain Taggies quality while expanding the collection with new products.

Taggies and Rhino products are available in stores now, and more products under the Kids II umbrella are expected to debut soon.