Minions is still the No. 1 license among kids in the UK, Germany, and France, according to iconkids & youth Kids License Monitor wave II/2016 study. In the UK, Spider-Man comes second, followed by Ice Age. In Germany and France, Ice Age is second and Spider-Man is third.

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The study also found that the most popular license among all British boys is Spider-Man. Disney Frozen is the top among British girls ages 4 to 6, while Minions is the most popular for girl ages 7 to 12.

In Germany and France, Spider-Man is the top hype license among boys ages 4 to 9, while Star Wars is most popular for older boys. For girls, the top hype license changes from Disney Frozen for ages 4 to 9 to Minions for ages 10 to 12.

The Kids License Monitor was conducted with 1,272 kids ages 4 to 12 years in the UK, Germany, and France. The study analyzed a total of 71 licenses from various categories including TV, toys, cinema, sports, apps, and more.