Mobile devices are now the most used platforms for gaming among kids ages 2 to 17 (63 percent), according to Kids and Gaming 2015, the latest report from The NPD Group. The shift has occurred as now only 45 percent of kids ages 2 to 17 are gaming on a home computer, down 22 percent since 2013. This decline has been seen in all age groups, but is most pronounced among those ages 2 to 5.

Consoles saw a decrease in gaming as well, but the device remains popular among the 9 to 11 age group (41 percent). Since the incidence of mobile gaming has remained steady as compared to 2013, the factor that changed was kids’ engagement and time spent on mobile devices. Forty one percent of kids surveyed said that they are spending more time on these devices than a year ago, with an average time spent per week of six hours.