Rock ‘n Roller skater dolls | Source: Jakks Pacific

In honor of the season of giving back, Jakks Pacific is sponsoring the Kids Skate Free program dedicated to giving kids the opportunity to experience the joy of roller skating

The Kids Skate Free program provides access to roller skating as an active activity families can do together to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program provides two free passes a week to families to attend a roller skating session at a nearby skate center. All passes are accessible through the MyHownd app for easy virtual access. Each pass expires after one week but renews automatically every Monday. To receive passes, all families have to do is complete the signup link on the kids skate free site. Kids that meet the eligibility requirements of their local skate rinks can roll around to bright lights and music like the Jakks Pacific Rock ‘n Roller skate dolls Lightning Luna and Rainbow Riley.

Rock ‘n Rollerskate Doll Rainbow Riley | Source: Jakks Pacific

Jakks Pacific’s Rock ‘n Roller skate dolls are a vibrant, musical roller skating experience for kids to enjoy from their homes. Rock ‘n Roller Skate dolls Lighting Luna and Rainbow Riley light up as they glide across the floor, spin, and do the splits to their favorite songs. 

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“The roller skating trend has been wildly popular online and across multiple channels on social media,” says Jakks Pacific Senior Director of Marketing Jeremy Sueper. “We are excited to bring our Rock N Rollerskate dolls to kids and parents for early holiday shopping. It’s the perfect gift for any kid that likes roller skating or loves watching it on TikTok.”

Families can check the Kids Skate Free site to see if there is a participating roller rink in their area. 

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