LaserPegs,MonsterTruckLaser Pegs will have five new sets in time for the holiday season. New features will include tinted brick colors, which are brighter than traditional Laser Pegs; and sound activated illumination in the form of LEDs that strobe to the beat of music, voices, and more.

“From our research, we know that kids love tinted color bricks,” says Jon Capriola, lead designer and founder of Laser Pegs. “So we’ve updated all the 2015 kits to accommodate tinted bricks, just in time for the holidays.”

Among the new models for the holidays will be the 6 in 1 Monster Truck, the 4 in 1 Helicopter, the 8 in 1 Helicopter, the 16 in 1 Space Fighter, and 24 in 1 National Geographic Dinosaurs sets.