Learning Resources and its subsidiary Educational Insights secured placements for their Beaker Creatures and Playfoam Pals collectibles lines at Target. The news comes as the companies enter their second year in the growing collectibles market. Series 1 Reactor Pods from Beaker Creatures and Series 1 Wild Friends from Playfoam Pals will be available at Target stores nationwide this quarter.

Last year, Beaker Creatures launched with more than 30 collectible creatures from five alien familiesThis year, the creature count will grow to more than 100 with the introduction of Beaker Creatures Series 2 and 3, in addition to an assortment of new science sets.

Playfoam Pals by Educational Insights was inspired by kids who love to hide small toys inside of Playfoam. Series 1 (Wild Friends), Series 2 (Pet Party), and Series 3 (Snowy Friends) were released last year. This year will see the release of Series 4 (Fantasy Friends) in the spring and Series 5 (Monster Party) in time for Halloween.