Source: The LEGO Group

Following a successful pilot program that debuted during the Sustainable Brands Conference in Paris last year, The LEGO Group is now launching LEGO Braille Bricks in seven countries, including the U.S., the UK, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, and Brazil.

LEGO Braille Bricks feature studs on top that reflect individual letters and numbers in the Braille alphabet. The bricks also feature printed letters, numbers, and symbols for all kids, parents, and teachers to use in an inclusive way. They are fully compatible with all LEGO bricks.

Each LEGO Braille Bricks kit will contain more than 300 LEGO Braille Bricks covering the full alphabet in the chosen language, numbers zero-nine, and select mathematical symbols and punctuation marks. It will be available in five LEGO colors and will also include three base plates and a brick separator. The LEGO Group and The LEGO Foundation will help distribute LEGO Braille Bricks toolkits free of charge to select institutions, schools, and services that help educate kids with visual impairment. 

The bricks will launch in 13 additional countries next year, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.