The latest building set to emerge from the LEGO Ideas crowdsourcing platform is inspired by a structure that currently orbits the Earth.

The LEGO Ideas International Space Station (ISS) is an 864-piece set packed with authentic details, including 8 adjustable rotating solar panels and a poseable Canadarm2 mobile servicing system. The spaceship includes a buildable miniature version of a NASA Space Shuttle orbiter, three miniature cargo spacecraft, and two astronaut micro-figures. Additionally, the ISS building set comes with a display stand and a 148-page booklet with facts on the real ISS and the genesis of its LEGO counterpart.

The LEGO ISS is designed for builders ages 16 and up, and will be available for sale at LEGO Stores beginning Feb. 1.


While the ISS launched in 1998, the first long-term residents boarded the station on Nov. 2, 2000. This year will mark 20 years of continuous human occupation of the low orbit craft.