LEGO Playgrounds, a new mixed-reality app from LEGO, is available now from the App Store.

The app aims to enhance the LEGO play experience and provide fans with a fluid and experimental interaction that unifies the digital and physical LEGO worlds.

LEGO Playgrounds will enable fans to have direct access to new digital play experiences, with an opportunity to unlock experiences around their existing physical LEGO sets. LEGO Playgrounds will bring select LEGO sets and experiences to life in mixed reality experiments and other playful scenarios.

LEGO Ninjago AR is the first available LEGO Playgrounds experiment, bringing some physical LEGO Ninjago Dragon Hunters sets to life with effects, animations, and interactions. The game uses the multi-user support in Apple’s ARKit technology, allowing two players to connect and play together in the same shared play space.

Users can connect and team up with a friend to battle against the Dragon Hunters, share power-ups and 3D assets, create strategies to withstand the waves of Dragon Hunters, and compare high-scores with friends.

LEGO Playgrounds is intended for all ages. However, the LEGO Ninjago AR playground is recommended for ages 9 and up, due to the game-play and storyline complexity.

The LEGO Ninjago AR playground uses two sets from the LEGO Ninjago Dragon Hunters theme: the LEGO Ninjago Dieselnaut (70654) and theLEGO Ninjago Dragon’s Pit (70655).

In LEGO Playgrounds, there is an option to play five LEGO Ninjago levels without a physical LEGO set. The app will simply look for a flat surface and allow play in AR only.

The LEGO Playgrounds app is free to play, with no in-app purchases, ads, or marketing messages. The AR technology in the app will require an iPhone 6s or above, with the latest iOS updates.