The new set features two cars designed after iconic McLaren vehicles. | Source: LEGO

LEGO is hitting the race track!

McLaren Automotive celebrates its 60th anniversary this year and is partnering with LEGO to release a two-pack of LEGO race cars to commemorate the occasion. 

McLaren is a British car manufacturer primarily known for its high-performance supercars. The company’s cars have seen a number of wins within the racing world, which is why LEGO is releasing the new two-pack in its LEGO Speed Champions collection. This LEGO collection includes a variety of popular car models seen in racing, and the new set will bring the McLaren F1 LM and the McLaren Solus GT to LEGO. 

Both LEGO cars are designed to accurately reflect their real-world counterparts. The F1 LM features its iconic orange color, central driving seat, and cooling ducts. The Solus GT features a central single-seat cockpit and high-downforce rear ring. The set also comes with two LEGO minifigure drivers, one for each car, in McLaren racing gear.

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“We aim to inspire LEGO vehicle fans of all ages with new and unique building experiences, every time we expand the Speed Champions Collection,” says Christopher Leslie Stamp, Design Manager, LEGO Group. “This launch is another great example of this long-standing partnership.”

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This isn’t the first time these two companies have worked together to release a LEGO set. Previous McLaren sets include six LEGO Speed Champions McLaren cars and two LEGO Technic McLaren models. This will be the first double pack of cars for LEGO and McLaren, and to celebrate that and the anniversary, designers from both companies recently met at the LEGO Headquarters in Denmark. 

The new LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Solus GT and McLaren F1 LM set features 581 pieces and will be retailing for $34.99. It will be available in LEGO stores as well as specialty retailers starting March 1.

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