LEGO is launching its first Chinese-inspired LEGO theme ever, based on the Chinese legend of the Monkey King. Kids can collect eight LEGO Monkie Kid building sets, inspired by the Journey to the West book.

The legend of the Monkey King begins when an ordinary boy, Monkie Kid, becomes the chosen one after finding the Monkey King’s legendary staff. Monkie Kid embarks on a quest with his brave friends to stop the Demon Bull King and his army of Bull Clones from taking over the city.

LEGO Monkey King Warrior Mech

The new LEGO theme pays homage to the tale known by so many families in Asia with eight sets, featuring colorful characters, vehicles with new and hidden details, and a blue cat with an orange mohawk. LEGO worked closely with kids and parents in China to ensure they are authentic to local culture.

The collection consists of the 259-piece White Dragon Horse Bike; the 430-piece Iron Bull Tank; the 529-piece Monkie Kid’s Cloud Jet; the 832-piece Pigsy’s Food Truck; the 1,051-piece Demon Bull King; the 1,111-piece Red Son’s Inferno Truck; the 1,629-piece Monkey King Warrior Mech; and the 1,959-piece Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ.

LEGO Monkie Kid will launch on May 16 on, in LEGO stores, and at LEGOLAND and LEGOLAND Discovery Centers.