LEGO dropped a potential licensing bomb yesterday in the form of a mysterious tweet: The manufacturer will partner with Super Mario.

The tweet features a 7-second video showcasing a LEGO-fied Mario and question marks. The words “‘It’s-a me, LEGO Mario!’ Stay tuned…” accompany the tweet from LEGO Group. Nintendo of America shared the same video and wrote, “Something fun is being built.”

Fans of the mustached plumber honor Mario’s Princess Peach-saving skills every year on March 10 because it looks like his name: MAR10. There is no more info on the collaboration at this time, but this new tweet suggests that LEGO and Nintendo are going to keep the celebrations going.

Another notable team-up set to be even greater than Mario and Luigi is the collaboration between Super Mario and Levi’s. The clothing company released its first looks at the denim-clad Mario collection yesterday. The clothes feature iconic characters on wardrobe staples, including overalls with coins going into the pocket.