The LEGO Group and Warner Bros. Consumer Products will drop six new Harry Potter-themed sets this summer, incorporating the monstrous magical world into an easy-to-build kingdom.

The two companies are no strangers to licensing deals, but this time they bring new places to explore from the Wizarding World. Fans and families alike can discover the Room of Requirement or build their very own Hedwig with the help of some familiar miniaturized characters.

For those ages 7 and up, the Room of Requirement ($19.99) is ready for some secretive Dumbledore’s Army training with Harry, Hermione, and Luna mini-figures. Those 9 ages and up can head over to the Astronomy Tower ($99.99) instead to hang out with Slughorn, dig up a mandrake, or enjoy some time in the Ravenclaw common room. In addition to the three figures from the last-mentioned set, this one also comes with Draco, Neville, Ron, Lavender Brown, and Slughorn.

Kids ages 8 and up can head into the Forbidden Forest ($29.99) to introduce the lovely, LEGO version of Professor Umbridge to her new best friend — a 5-inch tall, buildable Grawp. Afterward, they can head to 4 Privet Drive ($69.99) to break out Harry from his cupboard under the stairs. The set includes Ron, the Dursleys, Harry, Dobby, and no escape would be complete without the 4-inch flying car.

Exclusive to Target, the Attack on the Burrow set ($99.99) is the biggest with 1,047 pieces and it measures more than 13 inches tall. It’s designed with the colorful Weasley family in mind and comes with Ron, Harry, Ginny, Arthur, Molly, Tonks, Bellatrix LeStrange, and Fenrir Greyback. For families and fans to remember the greatest owl of all-time, the Hedwig LEGO set — only at Barnes and Noble — has a moveable wingspan of more than 13 inches and can be built to carry Harry’s Hogwarts letter.

Presales for the magical sets start on April 30 on LEGO’s website and select retailers. Families can officially recreate their very own Wizarding World when the sets go on sale on August 1.