License Connection inked a new deal to represent Monchhichi in the Benelux.

The characters first hit the scene in 1974 as the brand’s first dolls — boy and girl twins — became a global sensation. For nearly 45 years, the brand has been constant, with Sekiguchi continuing to license and reinvent the line with toys, games, stationery products, TV series, and more.

Monchhichi currently has a new animated series airing in select territories, and License Connection will focus on building both the modern incarnation and the classic brand.

“The Benelux markets are a historical hotspot for us and we’re very pleased to partner with License Connection to work on widening the range of official products for fans of all ages,” says Christophe Millet, business development manager at Sekiguchi.

“We are incredibly excited about representing this heritage brand,” says Daphne Kellerman, owner of License Connection. “Both brands will strengthen each other. The classic dolls are very well-known and that is what the demands for. But the animation is helping to open doors.”