Little Kids Inc. will unveil a vast line of new bubble and water products at the North American International Toy Fair ahead of the spring season.

Leading the line are new PJ Masks products, including bubble blowing vehicles and Water Rescue Packs that shoot water up to 30 feet.

The spring line will also include newly-designed bubble products created specifically for preschoolers’ hands. Returning properties including Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol and Shimmer and Shine and Jelly Belly and Peeps branded products in time for Easter baskets.

Little Kids will also introduce, Slick Tricks, a new line of bubble trick sets designed for kids ages five and up. The four core products of this line include Slick Tricks Make It Bounce, Slick Tricks Make It Stack, Slick Tricks Make It Morph and Slick Tricks Make It Stretch. These sets will allow kids to make bouncing bubbles, different shaped bubbles, touchable bubbles, a long, stretchy chain of bubbles, and more.

Also included in the line are the Slick Tricks Level Up and Slick Tricks Master It sets. These compile multiple tricks in each package to help kids become bubble masters.