The Stig may not be well-known outside of automotive culture in the U.S., but in the UK, the anonymous, white-suited driver from Top Gear is a household name.

For its latest social media campaign, MGA Entertainment‘s Little Tikes UK division is tapping into the mysterious vibe with Little Stiglet, who stars in new commercials for the company’s Wheelz line of RC vehicles and play sets.

In the first spot, Little Stiglet takes the wheel of the RC Dozer Racer and Slammin’ Racers Turbo Tyre, and takes control of the YouDrive Rescue Chopper, Tyre Twister Lights, Slammin’ Racers Runaway Railroad, RC Bumper Cars, and YouDrive Flex Tracks.

The full range — which is also available in the U.S. — carries a message that “these toys were made for racing.”

Designed for kids ages 3-5, the Wheelz toys are crafted to be simple-to-use, rugged introductions to the RC category. Little Tikes UK says that Little Stiglet “is taking Little Tikes Wheelz racers to the extreme, with bigger crashes, faster speeds & higher stunt jumps than ever.”