LocoRobo Innovations launched the My Loopy robot on Kickstarter. Loopy is a social robot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and high-tech sensors to learn, grow, and react to the world around it.

Loopy responds to touch, light, sound, proximity, temperature, and motion with more than 250 phrases and responses. As kids interact with the robot, it becomes more articulate in English, unlocks games and features, gains the ability to use all of its sensors, and develops a personality. My Loopy is designed for kids ages 4 and up, and can be used with or without a companion app or smart device.

When paired with the free My Loopy app for iOS and Android, the robot can help teach early coding and STEM concepts with an easy-to-use, programming block interface.

The My Loopy Kickstarter campaign goal is $20k. The first 100 Kickstarter backers can take advantage of the Early Bird special of $49, which is more than 40 percent off the expected retail price of $85. LocoRobo will also offer limited VIP packages that include, a LocoRobo lab tour, classroom visit from Professor Pramod, and an exclusive robot and drone birthday party.

My Loopy will ship to Kickstarter backers in September. Click here for more information and to support the My Loopy Kickstarter campaign.