LucasLashesThe creators of Luca Lashes multilingual e-book and app series have announced a “Raising Multilingual Children in a One-language Household” contest. Parents who offer tips for fostering second-language development in their children will have a chance to win a Luca Lashes iTunes app library of titles in one language (Spanish, French, Italian, or Chinese) of their choosing.

Because raising multilingual children in a household where the parents speak only one language is not an easy task, Luca Lashes e-books and apps help parents foster language development through educational experiences with these tools. The eBooks are offered in multiple languages and the apps allow for switching between languages making it easy for parents to teach and easy for children to learn.

Open to parents from the U.S. only, the contest will take place on Luca Lashes’ Facebook page between November 15 and December 15. There is no maximum number of entries that can be posted on Luca Lashes’ Facebook wall, but submissions must be between 15 and 100 words. Submissions will be judged based on practicality and creativity and winners will be notified via email (your Facebook permissions must be set to receive emails) if you have won.

Interested readers can also familiarize themselves with the Luca Lashes series for free by downloading the first app in the series, Luca Lashes, the Brown-Eyed Boy with the Magic Eyelashes on iTunes, Google Play, the Amazon App Store, or Nook.