Manhattan_Toy_150750_Farm_Fun_Combo_HRManhattan Toy will launch nine additional Imagine I Can kits for a mid-year release. Kids can explore weaving, stained “glass” window stick-ons, jungle or farm 3-D play, or go bowling on the kitchen counter. The newest Imagine I Can kits will be available online and on store shelves in July.

Imagine I Can features more than two dozen affordably priced activities for kids ages 3 and up. Many of the kits come packaged in colorfully designed tins that are portable and reusable.

The nine themed kits range from mini play sets of jungle or farm animals to bowling with a wooden ball or marbles. Craft kits expose children to the art of weaving and stained glass, using age-appropriate tools like paper stick-ons and pre-cut weaving strips.

The new line includes:

  • Roll & Bowl Anywhere
  • Weave &  Play Animals
  • Weave & Play Sea Birds
  • Weave & Play Sea Creatures
  • Farm Fun Minis Play Set
  • Jungle Fun Minis Play Set
  • Stained Glass Stick-ons Galaxy
  • Stained Glass Stick-ons Garden
  • Stained Glass Stick-ons Circus