Mattel continues to make Barbie dolls inspired by real-life icons.

Mariah Carey is a singer with an impressive music career, spanning more than 30 years. Carey is known for the Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” as well as a number of other chart-topping hits. Mattel has decided to fully embrace the singer’s holiday season popularity with a Barbie doll dressed for the holidays and designed to look like Carey.

The Mariah Carey Barbie is designed to look like the singer herself. | Source: Mattel

The Mariah Carey Barbie Doll features Carey in a festive glittering red gown, sparkling silver accessories, and red heels. The doll looks as ready to take the stage as Carey herself with a mic in hand. The launch of the new doll coincides with Carey’s holiday tour, starting Nov. 17 in Los Angeles, California.

Mattel is no stranger to Barbies inspired by music. Previous collectibles for fans of music include dolls inspired by Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, David Bowie, and more. The company has also released several dolls based on real people throughout history and numerous industries, such as its Inspiring Women Series.

The new Mariah Carey Barbie Doll is available now at the Mattel Creations online store. Carey has finally reached the Barbie doll milestone, stating that it’s a “once-in-a-lifetime dream” to have her own Barbie.

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