Marshmallow Fun Company Debuts New Products

Marshmallow Fun Company introduces new products to complement its line of original Marshmallow Shooters, Blasters, Bow and Mallow, and Blower. Each new products can shoot mini marshmallows or regular-sized marshmallows approximately 25-30 feet.

The MForcer is a quarter of the size of the company’s flagship Marshmallow Shooter and perfect for the sneak attack. The compact toy is the first rapid-fire marshmallow shooter, able to shoot 15 consecutive mini-marshmallows after one quick pump.

The Marshmallow Stryker is also a compact shooter that is able to hold up to 15 mini-marshmallows at one time, and can shoot them up to 20 feet.

Users can set their target, draw back the bow string, and let marshmallows fly with the Marshmallow Cross Bow. The high-powered bow shoots large marshmallow, one at a time, up to 30 feet.

The Marshmallow Mazooka is the first battery-controlled launcher from the company. Aimers pull the trigger and the Mazooka launches regular-sized marshmallows approximately 30 feet. The Mazooka sits comfortably on a shoulder, and features a drop-down, illuminated cross-hair site to help users hit their target.

The Stryker, Cross Bow, and Mazooka is available in classic blue and red, or in camo styles.

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Christina Edwards

Christina Edwards

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