Beginning Sept. 20, Animaccord‘s Masha and the Bear is headed to theaters in the U.K. and Ireland.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of little Masha and her kind and caring friend, the Bear, Animaccord in collaboration with Generation Media and Vue Entertainment will present Masha and the Bear on the Big Screen. The special presentation includes the eight most recent episodes from Masha and the Bear’s third season, including A Ghost story, A Christmas Carol, Fishy Story, Monkey Business, God Save the Queen, All the World’s a Stage, Around the World in One Day, and Who Am I?

“This collaboration is the unique opportunity to maintain our core values and create the special family experience for our beloved little and adult fans by arranging the massive Masha and the Bear cinema release,” says Aleksey Merkulov, chief commercial officer of Animaccord.

In each episode, Masha and her animal pals explore and teach the audience how to be a caring friend, the value and importance of education, the performance and love of theater, and to never be afraid of who they are.

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