The first-ever officially licensed Hot Wheels Pinball machine will speed into arcades later this year.

Illinois-based American Pinball inked a deal with Mattel for the premium machine that brings the hit YouTube series Hot Wheels City to the playfield under glass.

In Hot Wheels Pinball, players face off against the villainous Draven and his army of creatures in an effort to nab the high score while completing various challenges. Victory Lap Multiball, Car Chaos Multiball, and Track Multiball offer high-speed action while Redline Mania is activated by revving the tachometer to deliver increased scoring.

American Pinball - Hot Wheels Pinball

Players collect classic Hot Wheels vehicles such as Bone Shaker, Twin Mill, Rodger Dodger, Rip Rod, and Sharkruiser by hitting targets and completing challenges.

The colorful playfield includes tracks, loops, Redline tires, and real Hot Wheels vehicles.

Hot Wheels Pinball is made in the U.S. and is priced at $6,295.