Lightyear Blast and Battle XL-15, Companion Sox Feature Plush, and a Hyperspeed Series Assortment spaceship | Source: Mattel

With Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear hitting theaters on July 17, Mattel is celebrating the iconic Space Ranger’s origin story by revealing a full lineup of new toys inspired by Buzz Lightyear’s early adventures.

Jetpack Liftoff Buzz Lightyear Figure | Source: Mattel

Disney and Pixar Lightyear Jetpack Liftoff Buzz Lightyear Figure:

This 11.5-inch figure features Buzz Lightyear in his Space Ranger Alpha Suit with lights, sounds, jetpack exhaust, and pop-out wings. Kids can fill Lightyear’s jetpack with water using the included Fuel Cell squeeze bottle, which activates a real vapor trail and glowing light effects as they lift the figure off the ground. One button on Lightyear’s chest activates his lines from the film, while the other expands his jetpack wings. Available this fall for $49.99.

Disney and Pixar Lightyear Blast and Battle XL-15:

This 20-inch spaceship features button-activated projectile shooters on both sides, four projectiles, a flip-up cockpit cover, pop-down landing gear, and a Lightyear pilot figure with a winged jetpack. Available this spring for $44.99.

One of the spaceships from the Hyperspeed Series Assortment | Source: Mattel

Disney and Pixar Lightyear Hyperspeed Series Assortment:

The Hyperspeed Series includes a fleet of vehicles inspired by Pixar’s upcoming Lightyear. The series features 6-inch spaceships (including Lightyear’s speedy XL rocket ships), ground vehicles, and pods, each comes with a 1.5-inch figure with movable joints to let it sit in the cockpit. Available this spring for $11.99 each.

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Disney and Pixar Lightyear Robot Companion Sox Feature Plush:

This robot companion plush is inspired by a new character in Pixar’s upcoming Lightyear, and features soft fur and stitched details. Press Sox’s front paw to activate one of more than 20 phrases. Sox’s mouth will move as he says them. Available this spring for $39.99.

Imaginext Lift & Launch Star Command playset | Source: Mattel

Imaginext Lift & Launch Star Command featuring Disney and Pixar Lightyear:

This interactive playset lets kids blast Lightyear off into hyperspeed by launching and flying the XL-14 spaceship from the Star Command tower. For more power, kids can send Buzz Lightyear up the elevator and across the extendable catwalk where they can attach extra engines and a fuel cell to the ship. Available this fall for $79.99.

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