The Rainbow Rangers are suited up and headed to Walmart.

Mattel will launch the first toy line based on the hit preschool series from Genius Brands International this August. A diverse array of characters including Rosie Redd, Mandarin Orange, Anna Banana, Pepper Mintz, Bonnie Blueberry, Indigo Allfruit, Lavender LaViolette, and Floof will be present in the line. Each of the heroes represents a superpower, including super strength, music, animal whisperer, invisibility, super vision, super speed, and micro-power. Rainbow Rangers airs on Nick Jr. in the U.S.

“I have said many times that toys are the key category of licensed products for a property like Rainbow Rangers, and this new line from Mattel signals a very big step for the brand, says Andy Heyward, chairman and CEO, Genius Brands. “We are extremely proud of Rainbow Rangers, which delivers positive messaging of empowerment, teamwork, friendship, and environmental responsibility. We are continuing to work with our licensing partners, like Mattel, to develop new products that bring the series to life and provide additional ways for our young fans to engage with the brand.”

Beyond the Mattel toy line, which launches exclusively at Walmart, additional Rainbow Rangers products are available at Amazon, Target, Party City, Kohl’s, and more. Licensees include Dynacraft for bicycles, Bentex for apparel, Inkology for stationary, Distribution Solutions for DVD, and Macmillan Publishing for books.