This summer, Mattel has a new crew making its debut at Walmart — the Wild Hearts Crew.

Described as “a sisterhood of girls challenging everyone, everywhere to #DareToBeDifferent,” the new line of fashion dolls will launch with five characters in the first wave. Aimed at “celebrating those that wear their hearts on their sleeves,” the Wild Hearts Crew includes musician Cori Cruize, photographer Kenna Roswell, skater Jacy Masters, dreamer Rallee Radmore, and rocker Charlie Lake.

The dolls made their simultaneous debut on social media and in-person at Clamour Summit in Palm Springs. The Wild Hearts Crew features high levels of articulation with new body sculpts, hairstyles and clothing.

In many ways, the line could be considered the replacement for Mattel’s Monster High and Ever After High collections in offering a new bridge between kids, tweens, and adult collectors alike. Initially, the line will be available at Walmart stores in the U.S. beginning this July. There is no word yet on international release plans.