Maya Toys will launch its newest collectible line, Foodie Roos, this June.

The collection of animal plush is designed to look, smell, and feel like real food. Series one includes 20 scented plush characters for kids to collect, along with two hidden rare collectibles. Each Foodie Roo is sold in a food-like container that features a “Peek-a-Roo” window for a hint as to who’s inside. The packaging is reusable, opening up to become a “Foodie Room,” which can be decorated with included stickers.

In support of the new line, Maya Toys will showcase animated Foodie Roos content biweekly on the HowToWowShow YouTube channel. Additionally, the company will launch an extensive influencer marketing campaign, beginning at ClamourCon in Palm Springs this weekend.

Foodie Roos will be available at Target, Claire’s, and Amazon in the U.S.


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