One of the biggest concerns in toy packaging is starting to be addressed.

MGA Entertainment entered into a partnership with Terracycle to make it easier for fans to recycle L.O.L. Surprise packaging. Starting now, fans can save all of their packaging, including wrappers, bags, balls, trays, and more, by placing them in a cardboard box. Beginning in the U.S. this May, parents can visit the Terracycle website to request a secure shipping label to have their L.O.L. Surprise packages recycled. An international program will roll out later this year.

The partnership was revealed on March 18, which is Global Recycling Day. MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian promises that “soon, all of MGA products and packaging will be recyclable.”

The amount of waste generated by toy packaging has become a genuine concern in recent years, especially with the rise in the popularity of blind-packed and “surprise” toys, which often include layers of plastic, paper, and cardboard waste. The Toy Association recently launched the Smart Packaging Initiative (SPI) Tool in an effort to help toy makers create packaging designs that are more eco-friendly.