The 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show gets underway this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Among the vehicles making a debut at the show, the Kia Seltos, BMW 330e X-Drive, Land Rover Defender 110, and the redesigned Nissan Sentra are expected to turn a few heads, but on the other side of the show floor, the all-new MGA Entertainment (MGAE) Meatloaf and Big Boss should also draw some attention.

At the show, MGA will rev up the engines for the debut of Wreck Royale, a new toy line featuring crashing, “exploding” vehicles that kids can customize using a multitude of mix-and-match parts. When kids crash their Wreck Royale rides, the spring-loaded bumpers flip the vehicles and send the parts flying for an “explosive” play experience.

MGA Entertainment Wreck Royale

Geared toward kids ages 6 and up, the initial lineup includes Da Bomb, Big Boss, Meatloaf, Ricky Rodder, and Tooned Out in single packs, alongside a Double Trouble vs. King Cra$h two-pack. All of the included pieces are compatible with other vehicles in the line so that kids can swap parts between vehicles for totally new creations.

Wreck Royale will launch Dec. 2 on Amazon before crashing into Walmart and Target on Jan. 13.