Haunt Your House – Coming soon to Kickstarter | Source: Micro Games of America (MGA Entertainment)

MGA Entertainment (MGAE) is going back to its roots for an upcoming project.

The company behind L.O.L. Surprise!, Rainbow High, and Little Tikes is resurrecting its original name — Micro Games of America — for Haunt Your House, an “App-Vanced” game.

MGAE previewed the augmented reality (AR)-enhanced tabletop hybrid game at Gen Con in Indianapolis last week where more than 50,000 enthusiastic gamers attended the event to check out the latest from a host of companies.

Haunt Your House at Gen Con Indy 2022 | Source: Micro Games of America (MGA Entertainment)

In Haunt Your House, players act as paranormal investigators searching through a haunted house with the help of their AI assistant, Boogle. Using a smartphone or tablet, players hunt for AR monsters that emerge from the physical gameboard.

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Haunt Your House will launch as a Kickstarter project in the near future with more details set to be revealed in the weeks ahead.

Isaac Larian founded Micro Games of America in 1979, originally as an importer of handheld electronic games that were sold to retailers including Toys “R” Us.