The chicken shish kabob style has a detachable pool noodle designed like a metal skewer. | Source: Mighty Mojo Toys

Swimmers will no longer have to decide if they should brave the waves with a float or a noodle because Mighty Mojo Toys has a new two-in-one float that contains both.

Designed like fun, refreshing, summer foods and drinks, Take2 Floats come in four varieties, each with an 82-inch pool noodle that can be pulled out by a second swimmer to use in the water. The two drink design floats — iced coffee and root beer — have two detachable, colorful straws in the form of noodles. The bubbling root beer’s noodle is styled as a classic red-and-white bendy straw. Meanwhile, kids can enjoy a float-sized Starbucks-style drink with the chilling coffee float and a green-and-white straw pool noodle.

Source: Mighty Mojo Toys/The Toy Book

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Relax in the pool during an outdoor barbecue with the two food designs that come in shish kabob and popsicle. The chicken kabob’s skewer can be removed as its noodle and the wooden popsicle stick serves as its second float.

Mighty Mojo Take2 Floats quickly sold out on the company’s new website and are currently available in limited quantities on Amazon. Mighty Mojo’s other pool float, designed as an Etch-a-Sketch under licensed from Spin Master, is available on Amazon and