Source: Hasbro

May marked the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man, and Hasbro Gaming is recharging its lives with a mashup version of Monopoly.

The star of many game nights meets the star of many people’s arcade days with the Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man game from Hasbro. The game is all about the points, not the money, like the traditional Monopoly. Players level up by playing Pac-Man on the mini arcade every time they pass go. They also race around the board — but should beware, the Ghost is ready to gobble up whatever it can catch.

Two to four players ages 8 and up can use the retro banking and arcade unit to buy, steal, or sell levels, and earn more points the further they go. It will be available on Aug. 1 for $29.99 at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

This is the latest in additional Pac-Man games launching this year, but it’s certainly worth some quarters.