Fans can partake in choosing the latest token to bring back in the newest edition of Monopoly which will hit shelves this Fall. | Source: Hasbro Gaming/The Toy Book

Hasbro has launched its Monopoly Throwback Token Vote, which gives fans across the world the opportunity to bring back one of six retired iconic tokens: thimble, wheelbarrow, iron, boot, horse and rider, or money bag. 

Fans can vote to bring back any of the original tokens such as the horse and rider pictured here. | Source: Hasbro Gaming

“We know that fans across the globe have been missing the tokens of their childhood, and now is the chance to take a trip down memory lane and bring one back,” says Adam Biehl, senior vice president, and general manager, Hasbro Gaming.

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The token that wins the most fan votes will be updated in a new version of the board game that will hit shelves in the fall in the U.S. and globally next spring. Monopoly tokens are a historical component of the game first introduced in 1935. The original tokens from the 1930s include Scottie, battleship, receiver, and top hat. Since then, Monopoly has developed into a globally recognized game brand that is enjoyed by more than 1 billion players in 114 countries. 

Current tokens include the battleship, the racecar, the top hat, the penguin, the T-rex, Hazel, the rubber ducky, and Scotty pictured above. | Source: Hasbro Gaming

Current Monopoly board game tokens include Scottie, the battleship, the racecar, the top hat, the penguin, the T-rex, Hazel, and the rubber ducky. These current selections will be replaced with the new forthcoming edition of Monopoly. Fans can visit to cast their votes for what should stay and what should go.