The life-sized game has bigger pieces as well. | Source: The Path Entertainment Group

Monopoly is getting bigger again.

The Path Entertainment Group, a London-based live entertainment company, is partnering with Al Hakoair, a Saudi Arabian entertainment and hospitality company, to bring Hasbro’s Monopoly to a life-sized scale again. The first Monopoly Lifesized made its debut in London in 2021. Now, Monopoly Lifesized will be available to the public in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Visitors to Riyadh’s 2022 festival will be able to play the classic version of the board game on a huge scale, with large dice to roll and spaces that are big enough for people to stand on. Additional boards as well as a Monopoly-themed restaurant will also open to the public in spring 2023.
The trailer previews different boards participants can play on. | Source: The Path Entertainment Group

“Our Monopoly Lifesized in London won the Best Location-Based Entertainment Award at the Licensing International Excellence Awards this year, and we’re excited to bring this award-winning experience to residents and visitors in Riyadh,” says Matt Proulx, vice president of location based entertainment at Hasbro, “Monopoly is a timeless classic, and we’re thrilled to continue offering more meaningful ways for families and future generations to engage with the brand. At Hasbro, we recognize immense brand-building opportunities, as part of our Blueprint 2.0 strategy, and we’ll continue to bring these exciting experiences to life, just like with Monopoly Lifesized.”

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This new deal is expected to be followed by a number of other Monopoly Lifesized licensing agreements. The Path Entertainment Group is planning to target markets within the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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