Source: Feld Entertainment

This weekend, Feld Entertainment’s Monster Jam is taking to the airwaves with an all-new special, Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records. Premiering Saturday, August 8, at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery, the new special finds Heavy D and Diesel Dave back with host Chris Jacobs a year after they successfully jumped their massive, 12,000-pound BroDozer Monster Jam truck over a flying airplane. This year, the team reunites with Monster Jam for a series of Guinness World Record attempts.

One attempt finds Adam Anderson behind the wheel of Megalodon to kick off Shark Week. In preparation for his attempt to pilot the shark-themed Monster Jam truck over 8 other vehicles, Anderson — best-known for driving Grave Digger — has been practicing with the new Spin Master Monster Jam Megalodon Storm R/C.

With Spin Master‘s Megalodon Storm, kids can experience Monster Jam adventures on a variety of terrain, including dirt, snow, mud, rocks, and grass. The truck features a water-resistant body and lightweight, custom tires, which makes it able to drive on water and land.

Source: Spin Master

The Megalodon Storm R/C is available now as part of a wide range of Spin Master Monster Jam products.