Moose Games has acquired The Worst-Case Scenario Card Game license. | Source: Moose Games/The Toy Book

Moose Games, the gaming division of Moose Toys, is further expanding its game portfolio with the acquisition of the Worst-Case Scenario license.

Originally developed by All Things Equal, the Worst-Case Scenario Card Game brings the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook to the party game table. The handbook is known for its guides to surviving many events, all of them something you would be unfortunate to find yourself in, from escaping quicksand to landing a plane that’s lost its pilot. Keeping in this theme, the card game asks one player, the “victim”, to rank a variety of scenarios from bad to worst. Other players then try to guess what order the victim ranked them.

Worst-Case Scenario Card Game has you debating what crisis you can handle best. | Source: All Things Equal

Quirk Productions, the licensor of Worst-Case Scenario, has entered a licensing deal with Moose Toys, giving exclusive rights to the Worst-Case Scenario games. Moose Games will publish both the original card game as well as a fresh, adults-only version for risqué game nights. Eric Poses, president of All Things Equal, said in a statement that he looks forward to “seeing Moose Toys continue to build on the game’s early success.”

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“This partnership stemmed from both my and Eric Poses’ belief that we could work together to expand the market for Worst-Case Scenario games globally,” Moose Games General Manager David Norman said in a press release. “The topic of how to get out of a bad situation has proven fun and engaging as a game for all ages. The new adults-only versions we’re bringing to market, alongside the original, are uniquely different, and we look forward to working with Quirk to introduce new variations of its best-selling card game play, beginning this holiday season.”

Both of the Moose Games versions of the Worst-Case Scenario Card Game, original and adult, will be displayed in their full game portfolio at the Moose Toys booth at Dallas Toy Fair today.

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