According to the NPD Group’s U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Moose ToysKindi Kids nabbed the crown as the No. 1 new toy property launched in the U.S. since July for the three months ending September 2019.

The company’s first entry into the preschool aisle, Kindi Kids — a line of colorful bobblehead dolls with accessories that move and come to life — quickly connected with kids and retailers. Demand for the dolls was high in the third quarter and continues in the shortened holiday selling season as views on the Kindi Kids YouTube channel eclipse 36 million worldwide.

Kindi Kids secured a spot in the Toy Insider‘s coveted Holiday Gift Guide Hot 20 and is nominated for a Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award for Preschool Toy of the Year.

“Kindi Kids dolls are unique in the preschool doll market, encouraging ‘best friend’ play just as kids are preparing to go to kindergarten,” says toy analyst Chris Byrne, aka the Toy Guy. “While most other dolls for children this age focus on nurturing/parent role play, Kindi Kids begin the all-important process of helping kids get ready to be among their peers. And since they’re also super cute, I’m confident that Kindi Kids will be at the top of holiday wish lists this year.”

The immediate popularity of the Kindi Kids brand has opened up a full licensing program developed in collaboration between Moose Toys and the Licensing Shop. Additionally, two new dolls — Rainbow Kate and Summer Peaches — will join the lineup next year.