PikmiPopsMoose Toys launched Pikmi Pops, its newest collectible toy.

Pikmi Pops come with a plush character, an assortment of surprises including stickers and charms, and a message of encouragement, which are all delivered inside a lollipop package. Each character also comes with a hang loop and a lanyard. Videos featuring Pikimi Pops have already amassed millions of views on YouTube.

To celebrate the new collectible, Moose invited four-time Gold Medalist and three-time All-Around World Gymnastics Champion, Simone Biles, to surprise her fans with Pikmi Pops surprises and sweet messages. Simone enlisted her fans to share their own personal messages to spread encouragement and friendship inspired by the sweetness of Pikmi Pops. The surprises will be featured on YouTube starting next week until October 5.