ScrunchMiez Series 1 Sets | Source: Moose Toys/the Toy Book

Moose Toys is expanding its wearable product line with ScrunchMiez, the dynamic hair accessories that are styleable, collectible, and playable, all in one.

Each scrunchie can transform from a hair tie to a small, cuddly animal plush. A matching colored clip helps tighten-up braids and ponytails, but can also attach to the back of the plush for wearability.

“ScrunchMiez takes the on-trend scrunchie and combines it with an adorable plush collectible, creating an irresistible combination,” says Moose Toys Senior Vice President Alex Ries. “You’ll be seeing top influencers and soon kids everywhere showing off endless ways to wear ScrunchMiez, from ponytails to braids and buns to a bag tag or even as a wrist accessory. The wide variety of ScrunchMiez and the multiple ways to wear give kids endless ways to express their style.”

Kids ages 3 and up can wear the ScrunchMiez normally, or pull the drawstring attached behind scrunchie up, which collapses into the tiny plush. Kids can then fasten the band back with the included barrette to clip the plush on their hair. They can even fit the strap around their wrists or clip ScrunchMiez onto their bags to show off their plush pals in any style.

There are 26 ScrunchMiez friends to collect — from pink pandas to golden kitties — with funky names like Fuzzle and Wiggles. Every scrunchie is uniquely designed with glittery, fluffy, and printed accents that add character to each plush animal. Kids can also search for the rare and ultra-rare ScrunchMiez for an exclusive collectible experience.

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The ScrunchMiez come in singular and four-packs. Both include a collector’s guide and barrette for each scrunchie. The single pack is priced at $4.99, while the four-pack is priced at $19.99. ScrunchMiez are available at, and in-stores at Walmart.

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