Teela, He-Man, and Skeletor are all making appearances in this collaboration. | Source: Mattel

Rec Room and Mattel are bringing Masters of the Universe to a virtual universe!

Rec Room is a virtual reality game available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and as an app for iOS or Android. The multiplayer game places players within a center area (the rec center) with entrances to mini-games created by the developers, as well as a number designed by other players. 

In its continuing effort to turn the Masters of the Universe brand into a digital phenomenon, Mattel has partnered with Rec Room to bring its signature characters to the experience. 

The trailer shows fully animated versions of the characters in Rec Room‘s character style. | Source: Rec Room

Rec Room will have an in-game pop-up shop available from Dec.15-Jan. 15, with avatar items that will allow players to dress as characters such as He-Man, Skleletor, and Teela. They will also be able to get a Power Sword as equipment. 

Photo opportunities with the characters Teela, He-Man, and Skeletor will also be available in-game, with a Castle Grayskull backdrop. Players will be encouraged to purchase the outfits, as the right combination of clothing items will cause these characters to talk to the player. 

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“Rec Room has amassed an impressive audience thanks to its unique entertainment experience and ability to enable players to create and share their own, unique worlds,” says Mike DeLaet, global head of Digital Gaming, Mattel. “As the Masters of the Universe franchise is now in its 40th year, we are looking forward to partnering with Rec Room and giving both longstanding and new fans yet another way to experience their favorite characters.” 

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The Masters of the Universe x Rec Room collaboration is one in a series of Mattel’s collaborations to bring the brand into a digital age. Previous efforts have included a partnership with the Fall Guys game and a digital release with Cryptoys.

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