COMMENTARY: Musical Instruments Get Kids Into the Groove

There are so many musical toys options to choose from that I wanted to continue the theme and discuss three more instruments that let kids’ creative juices flow. My last post on this topic covered the recorder, piano, and drums. This post is focused on older children’s interests, and on toys that can prepare kids for the real thing.

The Trumpet


Schools vary on when kids enter the music program, but in my case, my class was introduced to the recorder in fourth grade. In fifth grade, students could choose a real instrument and practice in the band. My early introduction to musical instrument toys played a key role in my interest in participating in the band. Bontempi’s Toy Band Wind Instruments Trumpet is a great way for kids to explore music and get familiar with breathing techniques. Colored keys help kids learn notes, and the silver color makes it realistic for eager musicians.

The Guitar


Young rockers can learn to play their favorite jams with First Act’s Classic Rock Electric Guitar Pack with Amp. The solid body, rosewood fingerboard, and maple neck give the guitar a solid feel and warm tone. The guitar also features chrome tuning machines, volume and tone control, and a guitar cable. The included practice amp is battery-powered, letting kids take their tunes on-the-go.

The Saxophone


Kids that enjoy playing the recorder can move up to the Toy Band Wind Instruments Senior Saxophone, also from Bontempi. The saxophone features eight colored keys for kids to learn finger positions and notes, and comes with instructions that teach kids to play three songs: Jingle Bells, Oh Susanna, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

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