by Rachel Matthews, guest blogger

Not too long ago, the Kidz Bop kids found their way performing at venues in New York and New Jersey. Their collection of poppy, top 40 covers has allowed them to produce dozens of compilation albums, launch a U.S. star search, release books, video games, and toys.

The line-up of the group is in constant rotation as each member ages. Because of this rotation, many a child beg their parents for a singing lesson—especially in New York—after seeing a Kidz Bop performance. The chances of becoming a member is hard pressed as detailed by this young musician, but the combination of their U.S. talent search and brand gives hope to many children within the States.

Of course, aiming to sing for a band such as Kidz Bop is only part of what’s driving up sales in music -parents must by music-related toys to help further their children’s ambitions.

Musical marketing for toy sales

A look at the Barbie Build ‘n Play Super Star Stage, from Mega Bloks and covered in the article Be a Rock Star through Play, examines how the advancement in toy technology has allow children to explore the idea of being a rock star beyond just following a sing-along by giving them the ability to setup a stage including items like microphones, DJ booth, a keyboard, guitars, and other glamorous items.

Toys like dolls have always been known to inspire children because it allows them to use their imagination to make-up an infinite amount of scenarios. This roleplaying develops critical thinking skills and gives them the chance to embrace things such as love, creativity, bravery, and positivity.

The same can be said when it comes to music-related toys.

At an early age most toddlers are introduced to soft toys that often have recorded sounds or a type of press-and-play feature. As they age they have access to toys that fit their new interest which often come with similar musical properties whether it’s actual music being played or an extensive vocabulary at the press of a button. In time, this interest in toys that make sound could become a fascination with music, which may eventually lead the child to explore music as a hobby or career.

Mainstream music for kids

Popular shows like Yo Gabba Gabba feature real artists and bands that perform their music to an impressionable set of children; with many shows comes a tie-in album. Likewise, this love for music that’s growing with the children has spawned an entire industry of music producers.

Beyond such passive media are active games and toys such as Singstar for the PlayStation or Sing It for the Wii system. Karaoke machines are also a popular hit for young children especially when they are having birthday parties.

As you can see, music-related toys and games allow the cycle to come full-circle. Children may begin their fascination with song and dance through the very early ages of development, make way into fun and engaging musical shows, play with complex music production toys, and become fans of the musicians behind the music they have grown with.

If you want to keep the pulse on what’s happening with the music toy industry then you won’t want to miss the updates on The Toy Book. You also don’t want to miss the regular, major toy conventions such as the American International Toy Fair in New York. Music toys have a bright future and go well beyond play … they inspire.

Rachel Matthews is a freelance writer and blogger from Northern California. You can find her on Google+.