Hasbro’s My Little Pony brand is celebrating 40 years of friendship, and Basic Fun! is taking the reigns by bringing back the brand’s classic 1980s style. 

To celebrate four decades of magic, fun, and adventure, Basic Fun! is introducing new plush toys and figures for all MLP fans. Kids will have the chance to own their very own pony, pegasus, or unicorn. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, the collection features three new plush toys and six figures that show off the classic look. 

Moondancer, Firefly, and Glory | Source: Basic Fun!

Glory, Moondancer, and Firefly make an appearance in the new plush collection. Kids can style their pony’s hair with the commemorative 40th-anniversary comb. The plush characters also feature unique MLP cutie marks and a 40th-anniversary patch on their hooves. 

Kids can collect 6 classic pony figures. | Source: Basic Fun!

The six pony figures are perfect for playing and displaying. Fans will have the chance to collect 4-inch, limited-edition versions of Blue Belle, Cotton Candy, Blossom, Minty, Snuzzle, and Butterscotch. The collection also includes two rare figures for collectors to find.

The new toys are available for $14.99 each on Amazon.

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