Mythical Slyme is expanding its range of putties to include new styles made from pieces of dragons, unicorns, and mermaids. The latest collection of DIY putty kits includes a UV blacklight keychain that kids can use to activate multicolored glow effects across the various pieces. The sets also include a “glow galaxy” effect created by glow-in-the-dark glitter suspended within the brand’s signature clear putty that never dries out or breaks.

Mythical Slyme

“At Idea Glue, we’re always looking for new ideas that stick,” says Lana Lingbo Li, CEO of Idea Glue, manufacturer for the Mythical Slyme brand. “After doing a deep dive into rare pigments and glitters, the idea of stretching a galaxy of glowing stars felt worthy. We are also adding collectible jewelry charms into our existing unicorn line to provide extra fun and value for our believers.”

The new DIY putty releases include Dragon Fart, Dragon Frost, Dragon Poop, Mermaid Shell, and Unicorn Galaxy.

The kits are available online and through specialty retailers.