Jakks Pacific, Inc., and NantWorks, LLC, have entered into agreements to create a joint venture company, DreamPlay Toys, LLC, to develop, market and sell toys and consumer products incorporating NantWorks’ proprietary iD (iDream) image recognition technology.

This technology enables the consumer to instantly link the physical toy to video content, animation, and interactive game play. With the NantWorks’ downloaded iD Browser app, a consumer simply points to the DreamPlay toy or image to activate content on a smart phone or tablet device screen, instantly bringing the toy to life. Jakks Pacific plans to introduce a broad product line, which will combine this technology with new content.

The new line of toy products is expected to be introduced at next month’s Los Angeles Toy Fair and at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. Jakks Pacific will be responsible for the development, marketing, sales, and distribution of toy products using NantWorks’ iD image recognition platform.