New Crayola 2016Crayola unveiled the latest advances in imagination and self-expression with a new lineup of toys at the North American International Toy Fair from February 13 through 16 in New York City. Crayola’s 2016 holiday line leans into creative play, enabling kids to make customized tools and outcomes that are unique to them.

Highlights from the Crayola 2016 lineup include:

  • The Crayola Air Marker Sprayer, which turns Crayola markers into spray art.
  • The Crayola Crayon Factory, which kids can use to transform Crayola crayons into custom colorful creations.
  • The Crayola Jewel Maker, allowing tweens to show off their colorful creative style by designing custom jewelry, charms, key chains, room décor, and more.
  • The Crayola Emoji Maker, which allows kids to experiment with Crayola colors to make 16 custom color emoji stampers and  share their unique emoji messages with friends.
  • The Crayola Color Spinout lets kids create colorful designs and patterns with a few twists of the wrist. All they need to do is insert a paper disc, choose their Pip Squeak marker, spin the handle, and watch art come to life.
  • Designed specifically for the toddler and preschooler is the Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler. The self-contained creative lap tablet features a clear surface that has encapsulated sand that can be manipulated with the ergonomic easy-grip stylus. The set comes with a sand scribbler light up lap tablet and tethered easy-grip stylus.

As technology continues to be integrated into many stages of a child’s life, Crayola has also expanded its digital portfolio to deliver new interactive products focused on giving kids experiences that transition between online and offline creativity. Building on the success of the Virtual Design Pro line and Color Alive franchise, Crayola introduced Color Alive Marvel’s Avengers and Disney Frozen and Crayola Virtual Design Pro Disney Princess and Mini Star Wars Saga. Both designs allow children to see their designs come to life on a smartphone or tablet.